1 years ago
Image Removed?
For some reason, the Photoshop I did of the Korok sauce either got removed or wasn't uploaded.
1 years ago
Same, I had a dumb meme of vinny at a mcdonalds saying "corruption machine broke" and link with a korok and a gun saying "FIX THAT JOINT RN!!!"

Someone's clearly deleting my stuff.

I guess my 20-minute photoshop of fun is worth less than somebody's 1-minute mspaint scribble.
1 years ago
mine got deleted too, this is bullshit

does anyone know why this is happening?
1 years ago
Happened to me today, too. I spent over an hour making a poster in photoshop and it keeps getting removed. First time it's happened, too. None of my other art has ever been removed.
Yeah I spent like two hours making some art of the worm lady and they just aren't having that.

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