1 years ago
My art was unfairly deleted
So, I was trying to post a vinesauce conspiracy theory on here, but it keeps getting deleted! I read all the rules, had 5 tags (including streamer, game, subject and artist), removed the tagme but it still got removed!
Look, to the mod who deleted it, I get why you might have. It wasn't art, just a cropped screenshot with my theory next to it, but I really feel like what I posted is good enough for this board! I've seen some of the mspaint trash on this board that got let through and I spent a good deal of time thinking this theory up!
Please, just find it in your hearts to be fair about this. After all, you could have just deleted it because the thumbnail made it look like worthless garbage.
1 years ago
If it's a screenshot, it's not art. Thinking up a theory doesn't compare to people spending time and effort to craft a piece of art.
If you wish to share it, feel free to do it on Twitter, Tumblr, the vinecord, or the forums.

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