Geepm art deleted?
I know Geepm isn't really part of Vinesauce now- but is the art related to him being deleted? i s2g there's missing art..
1 years ago
I agree; I was looking for my "Dark Chet" artwork (because I wanted to look back at it), then I see that the only picture left was of a sprite artwork. I understand the situation, but can't we at least keep the art that was posted here up?
1 years ago
It seems really inappropriate and inconsiderate for the Vinesauce team to have removed art tagged GeePM. I could understand untagging all of the art (so that it is not easy to search), but the message being sent by deleting art we made of him while he was part of Vinesauce screams of taking art we make of the team for granted. GeePM was part of Vinesauce at one point, and we made this art during that time -- it is undeniably Vinesauce and belonged to stay on this booru, at least for the records of people who liked, commented, and used this website to look at archives of Vinesauce art in all one place (versus how it can get spread out and hard to follow on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, etc). I found a huge portion of my gallery gone as a result of this and there was no warning issued anywhere, and while I keep records of my art I imagine there are users who may down the road want to come back and view their art and find it has been purged by someone. You're really doing a great job alienating your community of artists lately.

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