2 years ago
Art was removed need mods to tell me why

Is the picture, far as I know I followed all the rules, one thing I noticed is that the "guide" for tagging is wrong, it wants only a few tags and says X's over tagging everything in the picture which is what you are SUPPOSED to do on a booru, examples are text, cropped picture, mirror, and so on.

On a side note, I find it weird that this booru has filters for explicit files but they are not allowed even though filters can block that for those who dont want to see it.

My only guess is that photos may not be allowed, anything edited enough should be allowed just fine as "art" isnt just drawing something with a stylus for 20 minutes it can be anything.

Also, it didnt take 10 minutes to do, it was more like 30 minutes to an hour, maybe around 50 minutes as 10 minutes was just thinking.

Also no one responded to my last one its been 2 days... cmon people do only like 4 people use this site ever? There needs to be an updated booru where more art is allowed such as explicit and non drawn stuff.
2 years ago
The guide for tagging isn't wrong. We use the booru as a tool for the streamers, and so we follow the needs of the streamers. These are their preferences. We're not building a gallery, we are only using it as an easy way to upload and access art at the end of every stream.

The ratings are only there because the booru isn't our site. They're there by default. Explicit art isn't allowed. Regardless of if there are ways of filtering or not.

I understand that you're upset because your art was taken down, but please be reasonable. If you didn't get an immediate response, but wanted one, there is also a forum topic (pinned) with my e-mail address in it. It's exactly for situations like this one.

If you had done that, I would've responded with something along the lines of: "I did not take down this piece, another mod might've taken a quick glance and thought it was a quick edit. Please edit a pixel, re-upload it, and add a comment explaining it took 30-50 minutes to make. If you'd like, I could comment on it as well to prevent another mod from taking it down".

EDIT: If you would like to discuss further, feel free to send an e-mail my way.
2 years ago
If i upload it after changing it a tad how will i know you will be able to find it and comment on it before it gets taken down?

I need to be sure it wont get removed immediately after doing even more work on something as simple as posting a picture. I swear getting something on this site is like pulling teeth.

I spent the time making it because i feel it would give vinny a chuckle, thats it really.

also no way something like what i did could take anything less than a half hour if you pay attention to what is on it, the playstation disc is a template and the vinny pic is from a convention photo the rest is hand made. Had to rip the gold x award logo off the bubsy 3d cover and took the time to erase the extra pixels, made custom shapes and sections for things like the yellow part, took about 20 minutes just getting the text right lots of fidgeting making it fit. not hard but a pain.

on top of that, trying to eyeball and recreate the red text and other text from using my fonts meant i had to spend a lot of time trying to make the text as close as possible.

TL;DR this picture was DECEPTIVELY a pain in the ass to make, more than you would think trying to copy bubsy 3d's cover image.

seriously, go ahead and recreate what i did in photoshop, even an experienced person would take at least a half hour.

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