2 years ago
My Vineshroom is Gone!
So I made a mistake on a piece of artwork and it was a little vineshroom. I ended up deleting it so I could repost it fixed. I then found out it wont let me repost it. It says the piece of art already exists, but I cant even access it! Can someone help me with this? I even tried renaming it then reposting! I didn't have this problem before while trying to fix a mistake. I don't know what to do!
2 years ago
You need to save it as a different file, under a different name. Maybe edit the dimensions so the booru doesn't think you're trying to upload a duplicate.
Even when the original piece is gone (which is why "here" takes you to the main page), the booru still has the image in its database, and will think "hey, this was uploaded already" unless you upload a different file.

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