2 years ago
Quick questions
I draw a lot of drawings in my sketchbook and then scan them to my computer and often upload them to websites as the uncoloured/original version. Then, I usually re-do it and touch it up on my computer, and upload that as the retouched version. I was wondering if I did that here, would that be a no-no? Would the uncoloured original version count as a WIP? Also, if I draw art that features both Vinesauce streamers and streamers not with Vinesauce, can I post it here?
2 years ago
You can post art that contains non-Vinesauce streamers. I have uploaded art that featured guests exclusively (such as Andrew / Huggbees), and I have seen other artists upload pieces that contained non-Vinesauce related individuals as long as the art also contained someone from Vinesauce.

As for the WIP status, you can probably upload both as long as you considered the uncolored version in of itself "finished". However, Vinny gets a ton of art so if you have a favorite version it might be best to just upload your favorite and then you can always share both of them on Twitter. I know WIPs are allowed on the Vinesauce Discord too if you want to share progress.

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