2 years ago
Rip my art
I don't understand why it's gone.
2 years ago
Did you follow the rules?
Rules! Readme!
1. SFW Only.
2. Vinesauce related only.
3. All images uploaded to this booru may be used in a Vinesauce video at some point.
4. Please do not submit art with less than five minutes worth of effort put into it.
5. Please do not "borrow" other people's content and claim it as your own. Don't trace either if you can help it.
6. Image limit is 2500x2500.
7. It's recommended you check out this tutorial on tagging: http://i.imgur.com/wPOTbyQ.png
8. IMPORTANT: always remove the "tagme" tag whenever you post.
9. Avoid posting WIPs if at all possible. There's a lot of art to get to and WIPs only make it harder to get through without being a completed work.
10. Low effort photoshops should be avoided.
11. Pixel edits should not be claimed as your own work. If you've edited a sprite, please source the original in your post.
12. If you post a link to your video on the booru, please only animations. Youtube poops will be deleted.
13. By posting art on this booru, you grant the vinesauce streamers permission to use your art on their videos and their streams.

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