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Hello everyone, it seems the booru forum is very slowly gaining more and more posts, so I've decided to make an FAQ thread!

1. Why was my post taken down?

It's most likely that you've encountered with one of the vinebooru rules, you can find the rules of the vinebooru here!
There you can see all the possible reasons why your post may have been taken down, the general rule is keep it Safe For Work (SFW), Vinesauce related in someway, and create your own quality art.

2. What classifies as this "Quality Art" you speak of?

Quality art counts as something you created that took you longer than Five minutes to make.
Here's an example of quality art:
And here's an example of not so quality art:

3. Why can't I upload my artwork?!

Remain calm, everything will be okay, shhhhh.
Don't worry if you can't upload your art right away! Most of the streamers always check if there's any art for them on the booru while they're ending their stream.
The uploading on the Booru can be finicky at times so if you can't upload right away you should wait a while until you try again, it usually works it's own kinks out all in due time. While your waiting you should do a quick check of your art to see if it meets the qualifications to upload, your art must:
1) Be smaller than 2500x2500
2) Be in a .jpeg .PNG .Gif or any other commonly used image format.

4. Who keeps messing with my tags?!

Everyone who has a vinebooru account can edit the tags of anyones art, which is a great trust to users.
When you apply tags to your art when you upload it that's what people use to find your art out of the thousands on the booru, someone might see your tags and add to it based on what is in the art you submitted, same for removing tags that may not be necessary in the list of tags.
Here is something that can make you a tagging master:

5. I have created an animation/music for one of the streamers.

Fantastic! Art can be described as many things, animations and music are always welcome, what you can do to share this with us is a couple ways:
1) You can create a still shot of your animation, upload it to the booru and link the youtube URL in the comments and the source of what you submitted to the booru.
For music you can create a vinesauce related image with the name of your song and who you are in the image, upload it to the booru, and link your youtube or soundcloud url of the song in the source and comments.

2) You can submit it to the vinesauce forums here!
There's even a section for music and art:

Alright, I'll add more to this if I can think of anything else, feel free to ask or add to anything I might have missed!

Stay Classy Vinesaucers, ~ThatKnightGuy

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