1 years ago
Suggestions of the booru
This could be taken as an unintended compliant forum by I feel the need to ask this. I would like to ask of we could have a "tags" bar on the booru. What I mean by that is having an area where all the tags on posts are listed. I feel this would greatly help out those who don't know what to tag their art with. For an example; if one where to make art about joel as a mushroom, they might simply tag it as "joel" and "mushroom". But, there is a tag for joel as a mushroom, vargshroom or vineshroom, but the artist might have never have known that. For me, I could benefit from it by knowing what to tag my art with and not miss any little known tags.

I feel I rambled on a bit too much. But I do feel there could be a reason of a "tag" bar to exist. Thank you for your time!
1 years ago
Alias is not the same as a "Tag" bar
11 months ago
We don't provide the booru, or manage it. It's a free tool Vinesauce uses as a way to upload art easily to be shown. You can make your own booru, just like Vinny did, but you can't edit how the site is built.
This is like going to someone's profile on Twitter and telling them to change the layout.

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